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If you are from Cambridge odds are you know what “THE GAME” is, Harvard is one of the centers of the Cambridge universe.  Even if you are just in the Boston area it is hard to miss out on the references to the historic rivalry between Harvard University and Yale University of New Haven, Connecticut.  They have played an football game every year since 1875 and though Yale has the best overall record in The Game Harvard has had more success in the last 10 years.

At this point if you don’t have tickets and really want them you may have a hard time finding them or you will be paying much more than you would for a football game at Harvard Stadium.  As of this writing there are still tickets available through GOCrimson.  As with any sports rivalry the Harvard Yale rivalry has had its ups and downs and controversial moments.  If you want to understand the intensity of the rivalry the one that most Boston area sports fans can relate to is the Red Sox – Yankee rivalry.

Yes you may have heard that the Harvard based comedy news show may have gone a bit too far on a spoof video of Yale’s “That’s Why I Chose Yale”.  I have to agree that including the line regarding a tragically murdered Yale student was out of bounds.  They have removed the line so hopefully this won’t tarnish the friendly yet intense rivalry that makes this games weekend so much fun.

The Game also brings alumni from around the country so it is a great time to showcase Cambridge.  The Harvard Square Association has put a page together highlighting activities happening at the restaurants and stores in the Harvard Square area.  They also have information regarding their Tree Lighting Event that is taking place on Saturday November 20th at Winthrop Park.  It is quite symbolic since they are celebrating their 100th anniversary.  This is also a great way to kick off the Christmas and Holiday Season in Cambridge.

P.S. If you are going to THE GAME don’t bring those Vuvezelas lol !

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