Head of the Charles 2012 – Racing, Shopping and Eating

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Most people know that the Head of the Charles Regatta is the premier race for rowing but if you are an avid rowing fan you know shopping is also a big part of the event.  This year’s 48th Head of the Charles Regatta that takes place tomorrow and Sunday, brings with it the Rowing and Fitness Expo near and at the finish line.

The Expo offers not just Regatta related merchandise but it also offers vendors selling anything from racing shells to slick rowing boats.  Though we have written about special access options for higher end dining you will also find plenty of food vendors to satisfy your hunger and your taste.

The Rowing & Fitness Expo is the retail destination of the Head Of The Charles Regatta. Located in the heart of the athlete staging area near the finish line the Expo boasts over 70+ vendors including rowing equipment, boat manufactures, food vendors and corporate display and sales.

As readers of the DOC news blog know we are big fans of the Head of the Charles rowing event.  Watching the races is a big part of attending the event but for our family it is one of the last hurrahs for a nice outdoor day trip on the Charles before it gets too cold.  It is a great event whether you are big rowing fan or not.

If you are taking kids in be sure to plan not to tire them out.  We usually plan to stay in the area of the Weeks bridge where you get to see the racers heading into the finish.  You also get to see the Cambridge Boat Club.  If you really want to catch a glimpse of the final push to the finish though you do need to be further up either near the Expo tents or across the river which is headed toward Watertown.  If you want to inspire a future rower that is definitely the place to go.

For more details including maps and schedules visit the official HOCR website.  They offer plenty of information and tips on how to best enjoy the event.  One thing I will also add is to be ready for the weather.  As of right now things are supposed to clear up mid morning tomorrow and the rest of the event will be clear.

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