Fresh Pond Update and the Birds

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Fresh Pond Hawks in CambridgeBeing someone who frequents the Fresh Pond Mall I had heard the stories of the birds that had actually made an office building ledge their home.  I had heard about it but I recently actually got a chance to see both them and the traffic jam of people and cars that they cause.

My family and I were driving by to go to Dunkin’ Donuts and bumped into a crowd of onlookers and what seemed to be official press taking photos of the famous Fresh Pond Hawks that have actually made 185 Fresh Pond Parkway their home off and on.

On top of making that their home they have used it to “born their babies” as my son puts it.  I believe we may have seen George McLean as well since their was a gentleman with an advanced camera and chair sitting at the edge of the mall parking lot.  George McLean is a recognized photographer who has been covering the hawks saga.  The Boston Globe also did a piece on him.

If you are not familiar with the Fresh Pond/Alewife area you may find it beyond odd that such wildlife could be so close by but with the Alewife Reservation right here in Cambridge we have gotten used to not just amazing birds but also scary coyote stories as well.

As for the Fresh Pond update the addition of Trader Joe’s has indeed ramped up the traffic in the area but is a good addition to all of the updates that have been done to that side of the Fresh Pond Mall area.  Further down on Concord Avenue the city is putting in sidewalks leading into Cambridge from Belmont that I believe will have bike paths on them so that the bikers will have room off the street at least on that side of Concord Ave.  Across the way I recently noticed Whole Foods marketing their Locally sourced foods and plants outside their store.  This is interesting since I had heard that Chronicle was going to be doing a piece on Whole Foods and their impact on local growers.  I believe it is airing tonight.

There are a few videos online which highlight the Fresh Pond Hawks.  I have included George McLean’s video because of his amazing photos…

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