Sean Collier Remembered at MIT

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seancolliermemorialserviceAs we continue to hear more about the alleged terrorists that unfortunately lived in our city let’s remember Sean Collier, the MIT officer who was killed in the aftermath of the Boston Bombings.  If you have not had the chance to see the full ceremony of the Memorial Service that took place for him this week MIT has it online(at least for now).  Click on the picture and it will bring you to MIT’s TechTV site.

I was not able to physically go to the service but was able to view most of it live on TV.  Whether you are a Biden fan or not our vice-president game a memorable speech which relayed his perspective on loss(he has personal experience losing a child) and his perspective on the question we all ask ourselves when something so inexplicable happens.  Why?

He basically says that “terrorists motives are not just to instill fear in us but to change who we are and what we/the Unites States stands for”.  Besides the basic freedoms given to us in the United States, I believe terrorists underestimate the strength of our resolve.  Not just for our United States ideals (and yes I know we sometimes fall short of these) but also for our value of human life.

I found James Taylor’s song(Shower the People)comforting since it reminds us that every day is a gift and we should never leave our love for others unsaid or undemonstrated.  Rest in peace Officer Sean Collier and to the men and women who keep us safe, Thank You.

Previously I erroneously stated that James Taylor had indicated he is giving the proceeds of sales from his song to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  It’s actually Neil Diamond who is doing so for the current sales of his Sweet Caroline song that he performed at Fenway.  Both can be downloaded on ITunes…

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