BU Bridge Controversy Surprising for Most

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Reconstruction for the Boston University Bridge has officially started.  As a former BU student I have to say it has been a long time coming since I was there in the late 80’s.  As you come over the bridge that leads into Cambridgeport we will all feel safer.  The Chronicle reports that the project will end in June 2011 followed by landscaping.  When I first learned about the plans I was reading some story (I think in the Globe) about how protesters were giving the Department of Conservation a hard time because the plans affected an area called “Goose Meadow” that was the home of white geese.

Further controversy has also surfaced due to the removal of trees along Memorial Drive in preparation for the reconstruction of the BU Bridge.  Memorial Drive has traditionally been opened to bikers, joggers and roller bladers on Sunday and the trees have always provided great shade.  Sadly it appears a majority of the trees are diseased.  The DCR plans to replace the trees and even though they will be smaller of course if appears there isn’t another choice.

I can see how this can be concerning for environmentalists.  The Charles River is a beautiful part of both Cambridge and Boston.  Natural beauty in the middle of cities is hard to find.  I must say that after being made aware of these issues and concerns the DCR is doing their best to address them.

To be honest though I am concerned more about safety and Massachusetts bridges have long been an area of concern.  I am thankful that the Accelerated Bridges program was started.  Whether due to neglect or changing weather patterns that have caused accelerated erosion and deterioration no one can dispute the sad state of some of Massachusetts bridges.

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