2010 Cambridge Halloween Planning Guide

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halloweencostumessm Cambridge loves celebrating and Halloween is no exception.  That time of year has come around again when the wonderful world of celebrations and holidays is upon us.  Though Halloween isn’t technically a holiday many people celebrate October 31st by taking their children trick or treating and maybe even throwing a Halloween Party.

Last year we put together a Halloween Guide for those wanting to participate in the Halloween festivities in and around Cambridge.  It was so popular that we have decided to provide an updated series of posts with similar information for 2010.

In this post we are going to focus on Halloween Costumes since this is such a focal point of Halloween.  Dressing up in costumes is a great way to spice up your Halloween parties and for kids it is a must for Trick or Treating.

Whenever people go shopping for costumes the first thing they realize is how expensive costumes can be.  Even if you go to a Walmart or a Target they cost at least $20 so if you are going to spend that or even much more you want to make sure you find the costume you really want.  Kids will usually tell you what they want since they seem to have a running list based on last year’s costume or this year’s most popular one.

Some ideas for boys are Star Wars related costumes that continue to be popular because of the Cartoon series The Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network.  From Obi Wan to General Grievous odds are they will be a hit.  You should always have the person with you though when picking a costume whether you buy them at a physical store or online.  Finding a Girl’s costume is definitely more challenging since they tend to be more evergreen choices like fairies and witches versus something that is popular right now.  Hannah Montana’s popularity for example is waning.  On the Woman’s side Lady Gaga seems to be this season’s hit but the possibilities are endless.  With Men the same is true.  When throwing a Halloween party it tends to be cool when the couple/family throwing it are dressed in some sort of theme(think Adams Family or something more current).

Like last year we are offering some online Halloween Costume stores and some physical Halloween store options as well.

Online stores worth exploring:

Spirit Halloween

Costume Craze

Costume Craze: Take 5% off your order!

Costume Kingdom

18-35 age demographic

If you have the time it is definitely worth it to visit local Halloween Costume Stores around Cambridge so you can physically get a look at the costumes before you buy.  Here are some to consider visiting:

If you are on a tight budget making your own is also a great choice.  Last year we showed a video from the FrugalYankee where Louise Sacco was interviewed by NECN for ideas for making your own Halloween Costume.  They actually did another one this year too.

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