Will Faces in Cambridge Ever be Demolished?

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Faces in Cambridge ©DirectoryofCambridge.com

Faces in Cambridge ©DirectoryofCambridge.com

Last week I drove past the Faces off of Route 2 in Cambridge and for a second had a glimmer of hope that some sort of development was being done on this long standing eyesore.  Sadly is looks like the construction and police detail in front of the Cambridge Gateway Inn and the Faces lot was only for some sort of sewage or pipe issue.

The good news is that at least it looks like the weeds have been cleared and the building has been gutted.  It has long been a safety issue.  Even demolishing it would be a great step forward.

Marc Levy did a good job on recounting some of the issues the lot has faced over the last 20 or so years.  Yes, it have been that long that we have been waiting for something to be developed there.  His post implies that there is hope that the owner Martignetti has some plans though the owner is choosing to keep it a mystery.

Back in 2007 the rumor was that the site was going to be developed into apartments but that apparently fell through.  It is a tough time to be developing anything so I for one am thankful that it is at least getting cleaned up.

Development in that part of Alewife will definitely get more than a once over.  Currently another developer O’Neill is having problem developing a nearby site due to the preservation issues and the burdens his project will put on already stretched local resources.  This weekend was a good reminder of how flooded that area can get.  It will be interesting to see if Martignetti will give us any more clues as the spring approaches.  Typically that is when construction projects gear up.

Anthony Martignetti might be better off selling both the Cambridge Gateway Inn and the Faces lot (I think they are on the same lot).  According to the Chronicle the Gateway Inn was being used more as a homeless shelter than a real inn as of last March.  This may allow for more commercial development that may better suit the area.  A great example of what can be done is at Fresh Pond just down Route 2.  That mall now houses a new Trader Joe’s and a variety of new stores that have given that area a major facelift.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the economy picks up enough to give Cambridge better options there.

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