The Census Road Tour to Visit Cambridge

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census tour in cambridge

census tour in cambridge

Whether you are looking to get more information about what the 2010 US Census is all about or even looking for a job you will be able to get plenty of information next Friday when the Census Road Tour visits Harvard Square.

Though official hiring for census takers will not be taking place until the spring the Census wants to start the application process now.  So if you are interesting in these jobs that can be both full and part-time now is the time to apply.

The actual tour stop will be in Harvard Square from 3-6pm next Friday.  The Census is important every time it is taken but in Massachusetts and New England it is becoming more important to count everyone.  The demographic trend has shown that the population may be decreasing in this area.  This affects our political representation in Washington and as importantly our cut of federal dollars for services including education.

Cambridge has remained kind of flat since the last census in 2000 in comparison to the estimate given by the census for 2006.  Cambridge is challenged to make sure they count not only the heavy student population but also the higher than Mass minority and foreign populations that may not be as familiar with the census process and may be apprehensive about it.

As of the last census this is how Cambridge compares in these areas:

  • Asian Persons 11.9% versus 3.8% Massachusetts
  • Hispanic or Latino 7.4% versus 6.8% Massachusetts
  • Foreign Born 25.9% versus 12.2% Massachusetts
  • Language other than English Spoken at Home 31.2% versus 18.7% Massachusetts

The Census Road tour is an educational tool for those that may not understand the what and why of the census.  If you have questions and want more information this is a great way to get it if you can make it into Harvard Square.

If you can’t you can also visit the website.  The forms are being sent out as I type so look for them in the mail this March.

Here is one of the many ads the Census is putting out to make sure you are aware of the importance of the 2010 census:

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