Steve Jobs and His Lasting Messages

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Living in the Cambridge area Innovation is something to be revered and Steve Jobs impersonated innovation.  I was surprisingly moved and saddened by the news yesterday that Steve Jobs had passed away at the young age of 56.

I confess “I am a PC”.  Of course it was inevitable for me to get an IPod and an ITunes account though I have resisted the temptations of the IPad and the IPhone.  There is no denying Steve Jobs legacy as he changed so many lives in what seems small ways but significant because of the Worldwide scope of it all.

Recently he received the honor of a star on Inventors Walk of Fame here in Kendall Square along side the likes of not just some of his technology peers like Bill Gates but also Thomas Edison who “gave us light”.  Time will continue to show us the impact of Steve Jobs stylish and functional innovations on the world.  As Jim Cramer from CNBC mentioned in a phone interview last night I hope Steve Jobs left more than a few ideas on the drawing board for Apple to bring to life.

Taken too soon one can not help but be moved to tears by his Stanford Commencement speech of 2005.  I am sharing it here for those who want to not just mourn him but to be inspired by how he viewed the world.  I did not know about his challenging beginnings in life.  He is an inspiration as a person as well.  We can only hope that some of us can take the ball and run with it as the “next” generation of innovators should.

So let’s all remember to “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” because life is truly short…

10/10/2011 Update:

I just got an email from the Kendall Square Association that there will be a small memorial service on the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame tomorrow:

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Apple Founder & CEO Steve Jobs.  In remembrance of Steve Jobs and his immeasurable contributions, the KSA will host a moment of silence and brief memorial service on Tuesday, October 11th at 4 p.m. We will gather at Steve Jobs’ recently laid star on the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame on the plaza in front of the Cambridge Marriott in Kendall Square, 2 Cambridge Center.

This is a good opportunity to honor Steve Jobs contributions…

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