Soccer Mania Hits Cambridge

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Boston Breaker vs. Atlanta Beat

Boston Breaker vs. Atlanta Beat

Yesterday was the World Cup and though we are soccer fans we weren’t planning on watching it.  We had our eyes set on watching some live soccer.  Our children are active in Youth Soccer and if you remember we tried to see the Boston Breakers play recently and were sadly disappointed at not being able to see an actual game.  So with high hopes we drove on over the Harvard Business School parking lot across from Harvard Stadium for the Boston Breakers versus Atlanta Beat game that was scheduled for 6pm.

As is usual when we go into see something at Harvard Stadium we ended up at Pizzeria Uno’s in Harvard Square.  Though it should not have been a surprise we walked into the end of the World Cup Finals with Netherlands and Spain which was in overtime.  The place was packed with many local Cambridge soccer fans and I’ll bet some Boston Breakers fans as well.  Though the mainstream media does not want to acknowledge that soccer is a great game to watch you would not know that by the fans in attendance watching this tied game.  Yells and screams rang out as Spain scored its goal and then eventually went on to win.  Spain fans could be heard throughout the entire Pizzeria Uno with their song of “Viva Espana”.

Yes it is true that Cambridge is definitely more international than it’s partner across the river but I think soccer mania is finally catching on.  As we walked back over to Boston Breakers game you could sense the excitement of the crowd with their own horns and the constant drum beating through out the game by the official Boston Breakers Band AfroBrazil.

The fans were treated to an exciting game with the Boston Breakers scoring 3 goals in record fashion right after the half.  The Boston Breakers are a great local way to catch professional level soccer.  It was truly exciting to watch and my kids got a great night of entertainment(especially with a win for the Breakers).  They got a chance to see soccer mania in person.

Here is a video from the Afro Brazil performance at halftime:

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