Shaq the Big Shamrock Makes an Impact

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Shaq Courtesy of NECN

Shaq Courtesy of NECN

Did you think Shaquille was here only to play basketball?  Last week he thrilled fans and passersby when he visited Cambridge’s Harvard Square.  He posed like a statue and it appeared the “show” was being filmed.  Maybe it will be part of his other professional pursuits in entertainment like the Shaq VS TV series on ABC.

Though his visit to Cambridge was of course entertaining, last nights debut with the Boston Celtics really made Shaq known to the Boston Celtics fans.  I particularly liked his slam dunk in the first half where he was hanging of the rim.  I honestly thought he would break it.  Apparently though the NBA has some sort of special rim and glass that makes it give way versus breaking.

Many people second guessed adding the Shaq to the Boston Celtics.  Our team is already an older team why get another older player.  The game last night sure makes it seem that a seasoned veteran team can beat a younger super talented team (Lebron, D Wade and Bosh).  I’ll bet that majority on non-Celtics fans were betting on the Miami Heat last night.  In an interview I saw with Paul Pierce he mentions how having Shaq on the team impacts them beyond just the points he scores.  His very presence since he is usually fouled allowed the Celtics to be in the bonus earlier than usual.  His contribution went beyond his 9 points and 7 rebounds.

We look forward to more from Shaq not only from the Celtics but as a member of the Boston area community.  Here is a video from NECN showing some of his Statue Performance at Harvard Square:

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