Mindy Kaling’s Matt & Ben at Home in Cambridge

Mindy Kaling WatchWithKristenMany of you may know that Mindy Kaling is from Cambridge but you might not know that her entertainment career was “launched” by spoofing another famous pair from Cambridge.  Kaling and Brenda Winters penned a play about the start of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s big time entry into the entertainment scene with their Oscar Winning movie “Good Will Hunting“.

Of course the play is a comedy and it is going to be showing starting tomorrow at the Central Square Theater here in Cambridge.  No, sadly you won’t be seeing Kaling and Winters in the roles but you will no doubt be able to enjoy the funny take on what for many Cambridge and Boston natives was a great feel good story of some unlikely heroes from Cambridge.  Kaling and Winters starred in the play that they wrote back in 2003.  Kaling has gone on to become recognized as both an actress and writer on the popular show “The Office”.

We have spotlighted other productions by the Central Square Theater which is conveniently located on Mass Ave.  “Matt and Ben” will be showing from July 7th to July 31.  For more details and for tickets that you can buy online visit the Theater’s website.

To get your curiosity going here is a clip I found of Kaling and Winters performing a scene from the play for a reporter:


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