Lady Gaga Makes a Stand at Harvard

Courtesy of BritneyEpixHD on Youtube

Whether you are young enough to be a Lady Gaga fan or not or even whether you are gay or not you have to admire the passion with which she is taking on the very tough issues of intolerance in our society.  The more publicized spin seems to be the focus on bullying but she seems to want to emphasize the acceptance and tolerance aspects of the new Born this Way Foundation that she launched yesterday at Harvard with Oprah no less.

We have included a clip from the event to give you a flavor of the mission and the passion she has for these issues.  One of the things I found interesting was her response to what she is going to do to address the problems.  Clearly her response which emphasizes the role of parents in raising tolerant children and not allowing them to be in situations online that may allow for bullying shows she understands the roots of the problem.  Though as she said “she would be willing to be pinned naked on a fence” if she thought a getting a law passed would solve the problems it is clear that awareness and action are ultimately our responsibility….

For more information on the foundation and what you can do visit




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