Harvard’s Connection to the Oscars

Julianne Moore accepts Hasty Pudding Pot Courtesy of NECN

Julianne Moore accepts Hasty Pudding Pot Courtesy of NECN

Though Harvard tends to be associated more with achievements in business or science the annual Hasty Pudding Pot awards reminds us that “the Theatre” is also a significant part the Harvard experience.  Yesterday Harvard’s Theater club honored Julianne Moore, an actress that though recently was snubbed by the Academy Awards received a Golden Globe nomination for the same role in the movie the Kids are Alright.

In order to get her Hasty Pudding Pot she had to perform some lines in the heavy Boston accent that she used in her role in 30 Rock.  If you saw any of her appearances you have to say the accent was pretty heavy but for the comedy it definitely worked.  We have to wonder if her time spent at Boston University influenced that(she is a BU Grad).

On the Harvard Grad front Natalie Portman seems to be favored to actually win an Oscar for her performance in the Black Swan.  Having gotten her degree at Harvard in psychology I am sure it helped her with the range of sanity and insanity that she seems to portray in the film.

Lastly though Harvard may not particularly like the spotlight put on it by the movie The Social Network it is interesting how this Cambridge/Harvard based movie has received so many Oscar nominations.  It is in the running for no less than 8 academy awards.

Here is Julianne accepting her Hasty Pudding Pot courtesy of NECN:

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