Cambridge’s Mindy Project Worth Catching

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Cambridge's Mindy Kaling's New ShowIf you didn’t catch the premiere of Mindy Kaling’s new television comedy series we give it the big thumbs up.  Last week we saw the first show and though there is something definitely familiar about Mindy’s new character (as flaky as The Office’s Kelly Kapoor), there seems to be a deeper slant to her comedy.

I have to confess I am a big fan of romantic movies myself and though the logical part of ourselves knows that most of these idealistic versions of men, women and romance aren’t that realistic we still strive to head in that direction.  The Mindy Kahiri character is trying to do just that.  The show seems to be a comedic slant to her quest to become the perfect woman and find the perfect relationship.

I was impressed by her performance at the end of the first show where she is shown as a competent OB/GYN performing a complex procedure for a breached baby.  This shows me that the show might not be all about the “lighter” side of Mindy’s quest but also a look at how to still be looked at as a competent professional woman in her field.

The cast includes Chris Messina who I remember most from his role in Damages, which seems like this role might be a leap.  So far he seems to be doing great in his role as tough guy/possible romantic interest.  This is counterbalanced by Mindy’s less than deep attraction to the British doctor Jeremy Reed, played by Ed Weeks.

The show is airing on Fox at 9:30pm Eastern and it is definitely worth a look(especially if you like to laugh) and I am not saying this just because she is a Cambridge actress.

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