MIT Welcomes President Obama’s Symbolic Visit

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Courtesy of ChangedotGov

Courtesy of ChangedotGov

Excitement is gathering for President Obama’s visit to MIT tomorrow.  The event was a bit of a surprise but according to MIT’s Kirk Kolenbrander:

“President Obama and President Hockfield both believe that the leading minds in science and technology must bring their talent squarely to bear on creating transformational energy solutions,” Kolenbrander wrote. “We are thrilled to see MIT recognized as central to that historic effort.”

You don’t have to be a fan of the president to be honored by him visiting your city.  Cambridge is lucky to have internationally visible institutions like MIT and Harvard at the forefront of research and innovation in so many areas like clean energy.

President Obama’s visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be at Kresge Auditorium and is open to students and faculty who have been invited.  Leadership in clean energy is of vital importance not just for Massachusetts but for the county too.  Leadership in this area will free America from dependence on foreign oil and will create needed jobs.  Having President Obama make his speech here at MIT is symbolic acknowledgment of the contribution that MIT and Massachusetts can make in developing clean energy alternatives.  President Obama also featured MIT in his March White House event “Investing in Our Clean Energy Future“.  Where MIT President Hockfield gave opening remarks.

Governor Patrick is also expected at the speech.  Governor Patrick is also a champion of building the clean energy industry and has tried to do so through stimulus funding.  Governor Patrick also gave the MIT graduation speech this past year. This can be found on our videos page.

Since the invitee list is going to be pretty small options for viewing the speech will be via webcast.  If you are at MIT you will also be able to see the webcast live at a variety of locations which can be found here.  President Obama will also be “campaigning” for the Kerry/Boxer Senate climate bill.

Videos of Obama’s MIT Speech can be found here.

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