Fresh Pond Mall Getting a Facelift

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Let’s face it the Fresh Pond Mall really needed a facelift and finally redevelopment of the space next to the Dunkin Donuts and Circle Furniture is finally happening.  My husband and I were always commenting on why establishments like Ground Round couldn’t make a go of it in such a great location.

The site finally got developed into a bigger building with multiple establishments including a new Chipotle which opened up this past Friday.  Chipotle offers high quality Mexican “fast food”.  Since D’Angelos could not afford the new rates this seems like a great replacement for those that stopped by to grab a quick sandwich on the go.

As much as this is a great improvement I am still at a loss as to why we can’t get a good sit down restaurant in this area.  Besides the Ground Round and another restaurant(name escapes me) that tried to serve this area the 99 across the way at the Best Western was also closed.  Maybe the thought is that if you want a nice eat in restaurant you can walk up to Alewife to eat at Jasper White’s or Bertucci’s.



Another interesting development is that Whole Foods will have competition with a new Trader Joe’s opening up next to the bigger, better CVS.  There already is a Trader Joe’s in Cambridge across from Microcenter on Memorial Drive but that is a trek for those on this side of Cambridge.  It is unclear to me whether Kappy’s is part of the mix right now since the development now includes a Sav-Mor Spirits.

These improvements are a welcome changes for those who live and work in this area.  We look forward to the final results.

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