EMC Expands Presence in Cambridge

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EMC  is becoming a consortium sponsor for the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge.  EMC recently established the EMC Research Lab at 11 Cambridge Center in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge.  This is being labeled as one of their initiatives.  There role is:

focused on accelerating emerging technology innovation and product development and advancing EMC’s deep relationships with university research and startup communities in the Boston area.

All of this is according to a press release that EMC released yesterday.  This is a significant investment since a consortium sponsor membership is a commitment of $200,ooo per year for at least 3 years.  Though EMC has claimed an R&D presence in Cambridge before it seems to be stepping things up with the EMC Research Lab and the movement of their RSA Headquarters to Cambridge.  This according to an article by Xconomy.com where EMC vice-president Jeff Nick was the keynote speaker yesterday for the XSite Summit on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

EMC joins Google and Microsoft in Kendall Square and in the sponsorship of research conducted by the MIT Media Lab.  This is done to gain insights into how people use and can use technology.  The MIT Media Lab works on a variety of projects and more information can be found on their website.

Cambridge is very fortunate to have institutions like MIT and Harvard that are striving to move innovation initiatives forward.  This is more important now that we need to create businesses and evolve old businesses to fuel economic growth.

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