Cambridge – “On the Shoulders of Giants”

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Lotus Founder Mitch Kapor Courtesy

Recently Cambridge unveiled its Walk of Fame of Inventors in where else but Kendall Square.  The walk is outside the Kendall Sq T station and features 7 “stars” honoring inventors and entrepreneurial visionaries.  NECN reported on the unveiling and I liked the saying borrowed from Sir Isaac Newton about “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” that was in Howard Anderson’s speech at the ceremony. The image is inspiring.

It is high time that something like this happened and since Cambridge and in particular Kendall Square and MIT are hubs for entrepreneurship and innovation it is appropriate that it is here.  Cambridge City Councillor Leland Chung helped spearhead the effort which is not surprising since he is also going to school at MIT’s School of Business.

I am looking forward to visiting this “exhibit” that celebrates entrepreneurialism.  Something that is so needed today to help our economy.

The 7 honorees are:

  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Hewlett
  • David Packard
  • Mitch Kapor
  • Bob Swanson
  • Thomas Alva Edison

Here is the full video from NECN:

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