Cambridge Continues to Rank for Top Companies

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globe100goalCambridge based public companies held their own in the latest publication of the Globe 100.  Though the list has shrunk to 82 in 2010 due to the economy The Globe 100 still listed 7 companies based in Cambridge.

The list did change though since Alkermes and Bitstream(moved to Marlborough) which were on the list last year did not make make the list.  They were replaced though by 2 new appearances by Idera Pharmaceuticals and Art Technology Group.

Last year we did a brief summary of each company which we have updated below and included the 2 new companies.

Biogen is a multimillion biotech company founded in 1978 it jumped 3 spots this year and it continues to be the highest ranked Cambridge based company.  Propelled forward by the strength of 3 “blockbuster” drugs and pressure by activist investor Carl Icahn they top the list in the Biotech.

Pegasystems is a technology firm that provides Business Process Management Software solutions.  It also jumped up in the rankings this year from 26 to 6.

Idera Pharmaceuticals is a smaller biotech firm which nonetheless is the Number 2 on the Biotech list.  New to the list it “develops drug candidates to treat infectious diseases, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases for use as vaccine adjuvants.”  That was a mouthful.  It was an impressive feat to make it to Number 8 overall.
Art Technology Group (ATG) is a “provider of personalized cross-channel commerce software and services”.  Though it was not on the list last year it has been around for a while having been founded in 1991 and going public in 1999.  It hit the list at 12.

Akamai is a telecommunications company focused on providing its customers with the ability to deliver their web content effectively online.  It is much more complicated than that of course but bottom line Akamai keeps the internet running smoothly.  Unfortunately they dropped this year from 13 to 27.

Genzyme another one of our heavyweights in the biotech space went from held steady this year with a small jump to 34 from 36 last year.  It is dealing with many challenges due to continued pressure from the FDA regarding facility safety and also has activist Carl Icahn in the mix(which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Forrester Research provides all forms of industry research to clients.  It dropped back to 68 from being ranked 29 last year.

Cambridge Top Public Companies

  • Biogen Number 4
  • Pegasystems  Number 6
  • Idera Pharmaceuticals Number 8
  • Art Technology Group Number 12
  • Akamai Technologies Number 27
  • Genzyme Number 34
  • Forrester Research Number 68

Cambridge is well known for giving birth to companies but growing big public companies can be more challenging.  It is impressive that all of these companies either stayed on the list or jumped into it in the midst of the recession.

For more information on the Globe 100 and their list of the Top 100 Massachusetts Public companies please visit their website.  They also have dedicated stories on Biogen and Akamai.

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