MIT Grad Ray Kurzweil – A Trancendent Man?

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Documentary on Ray Kurzweil

Documentary on Ray Kurzweil

Many in the MIT community are probably aware that one of their famous grads, Ray Kurzweil now has a documentary movie about his life and ideas out, Transcendent Man.  Though it has been “out” for a while it has really experienced limited release with showings at film festivals including the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival back in March of 2010.  A screening is scheduled to be held at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline on March 21st.

It is one of the last of 7 showings mostly in the US that seem to be a the lead in to putting the documentary on sale.  The date of official availability seems to be March 1st.  The live screenings are accompanied by opening remarks or presentations by Ray Kurzweil himself.  The Coolidge Corner screening will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Though many consider some of Kurzweil’s thoughts on the future controversial there is no denying his flashes of brilliance and insight into some of the things the future may bring.  If you are a fan of the Terminator movies you may fear the future that Kurzweil is predicting.  His future of intelligent machines may seem to close for comfort.

Understanding trends and innovation have always been something critical for both business and society so I plan to see the documentary in hopes to find a nugget of gold here or their that may make a big difference in my future.  Here is the trailer so that you can get an idea of Barry Ptolemy’s approach is to covering Ray Kurzweil’s wide ranging accomplishments and ideas:

You can find more information about the March 21st screening in Brookline at the official movie site, Transcendent Man .  You will also be able to pre-order or order the movie on DVD or download.

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